Here are just some of the press cuttings for Young Picasso, in selected cinemas from Tuesday 5th February. Book now!


“Fascinating and refreshing documentary with such intellectual rigour. On the huge canvas of a cinema screen, this is an unforgettable experience”
The Daily Express

“Engrossing detail and elegance, charged with charm and finesse”
The Guardian

“An illuminating documentary for the art-curious and a legacy film for Picasso enthusiasts”
Film News

“Inspiring. Grabsky keeps coaxing us into refining the way we look at art and the world around us”
The Oxford Times

“Compelling, enlightening and informative”
Mature Times

“A treat to get an artsy fix at the cinema. This is definitely on our cultural hit-list”
Scottish Woman

“The passion with which the interviewees speak of the important times and influences in his life is bound to pique the viewers’ interest”
VultureHound Magazine