Piano Notes – with Ronald Brautigam

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A journey through the history of piano music from JS Bach to Frederic Chopin

Ronald Brautigam, internationally respected musician, remarkable not only for his virtuosity and musicality but also for the eclectic nature of his musical interests, presents a history of piano music.  Brautigam discusses and performs a specific piano piece from composers including Scarlatti, JS Bach, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin.  In each film he demonstrates not only his skill as a pianist but his insightful and humorous knowledge of musical history.  ‘An absolutely instinctive Mozartian… with melodic playing of consummate beauty’ International Record Review.  Brautigam uses many an artistic trick without ever seeming to be trying at all.’ Music Web. Directed by award-winning film-maker Phil Grabsky.

Featuring the following pieces:
01 Scarlatti
Sonata in B minor (L33 / K87)
Sonata in C major (L104 / K159)
02 J.S. Bach
Prelude & Fugue no.6 in D minor
(BWV 851)
French Suite no.5 in G major, Sarabande
& Gavotte (Schmieder-Verz 816)
03 Haydn
Andante con Variazioni in F minor
04 Haydn
Sonata no.62 in E-flat major (Hob.
XVI:52) “Allegro”
05 Mozart
Sonata in A minor (KV310)
“Andante cantabile”
06 Mozart
12 Variations in C on ‘Ah, vous dirai-je,
Maman’ (KV265)
07 Beethoven
Sonata no.14 in C-sharp minor Op.27/2
“Adagio sostenuto” (Moonlight sonata)
08 Beethoven
Sonata no.25 in G major (Op.79) “Vivace”
Sonata no.30 in E major (Op.109)
“Vivace, ma non troppo”
09 Schubert
2 Scherzi (D593)
10 Mendelssohn
3 Songs without Words:
Op.19b/1 in E major
Op.38/6 in A-flat major
Op.53/3 in G minor
11 Chopin
Ballade no.1 in G minor Op.23
12 Chopin
Berceuse in D-flat major Op.57
Nocturne in D-flat major Op.27 no.2
13 Schumann
From ‘Waldszenen’ Op.82
– Eintritt
– Einsame Blumen
– Vogel als Prophet

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