Marlow Meets (Series 1)


The visual art that inspires and motivates great artistic minds

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Series One: Michael Palin, Mike Leigh, Tony Bennett, Paul Smith and Renée Fleming

For musicians, writers, directors and designers visual art is a passion and an enormous source of inspiration. In each programme Tim Marlow meets an individual artist in a gallery of their choice and finds out how certain pieces of art have inspired and motivated them. The result gives us a wonderful insight into the nature of creativity and a fascinating look at the life and career of each guest.

“Fascinating series” – The Times

Programme One: Marlow Meets Michael Palin at Tate Britain, London

Programme Two: Marlow Meets Mike Leigh at the Cartoon Museum, London

Programme Three: Marlow Meets Tony Bennett at the Metropolitan Museum, New York

Programme Four: Marlow Meets Paul Smith at his studio, London

Programme Five: Marlow Meets Renée Fleming at the Neue Galerie and Chuck Close’s Studio, New York

5 x 23′

Originally Broadcast on Sky Arts and BBC World News

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