In Search of Beethoven & Mozart Box Set

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Running Time: Mozart 128 mins, Beethoven 139 mins

DVD has these subtitles: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese


DVD extras:
In Search of Beethoven – 100 mins including:
Interview with the Director.
Complete movements.
In the edit room.
Deleted scenes.



In Search of Beethoven & Mozart 3-disc Box Set

Directed by internationally celebrated documentary filmmaker Phil Grabsky, each film takes a look at the composer’s life through his musical output. Grabsky travelled around the world to interview historians and musicians and then filmed unrivalled performances by the world’s greatest musicians and orchestras.

In Search of Mozart

This film traces the composer’s life through his music and extensive correspondence.  The music takes centre stage with over 80 works featured, revealing striking parallels between the music and Mozart’s own experiences.  Mozart’s letters reveal an extraordinary personal voice, which rings out on an engaging, human level, full of joy, passion, pain, humour and sensitivity.  With rigorous analysis from experts such as Jonathan Miller, Cliff Eisen, Nicholas Till, and Bayan Northcott, a new, vivid impression of Mozart emerges, dispelling the many common myths about his genius.
“Outstanding… a must see film”  Chicago Sun Times

In Search of Beethoven

This film brings together the world’s leading performers and experts on Beethoven to reveal new insights into this legendary composer.  A remarkable 55 performances were filmed, capturing the raw energy of an extraordinary array of world-class artists.   Fascinating biographical information is united with extracts from the composer’s letters to reveal the true man.  Delving beneath the mythological image of Beethoven as tortured and cantankerous, the film reveals someone very different and far more endearing.

“One of the finest movies about a great musician I’ve ever seen”  The Observer.


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