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For 5 centuries the city that guarded the gateway between Europe and Asia minor has been known as Istanbul. Before that it was Constantinople. A Christian island in a Muslim sea. It withstood every assault by the warriors of Allah but in 1453 the Ottoman emperor besieged the city with a new army of men. An army of slaves. The swords of Allah. And the scourge of Christianity.

Ancient Warriors – The Series
There have been countless warring civilizations thought history, from the Aztecs to the Samurai, Vikings, Ninjas, Huns and more. First shown on The Discovery Channel, this series traces the rise of major fighting cultures by exploring the motivations of ancient soldiers and their leaders. Viewers learn of the visions these warriors sought to impose on the world, and how they lived, fought, trained, and finally died.

Running time: 24 mins

Originally broadcast on Discovery Channel

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