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    Monty Python star Terry Jones presents this episode of the award-winning documentary series: Ancient Inventions: Sex and Love.

    “Jones’s enthusiasm and humour ensured that this lesson was never a drag….just the sort of mensch who can bring a difficult subject to life”   – Evening Standard

    Ancient Inventions takes a revealing look at some of the ancient world’s most remarkable inventions. At the same time, it takes a wry look at the modern world and asks if there are some areas where the past did things better.

    In this programme, Terry Jones focuses on inventions related to  Sex and Love. Somebody had to invent the kiss… and the mechanical clock was not invented to tell the time as such, but to keep track of a Chinese emperor’s sex life! Accurate pregnancy tests were a regular feature of ancient Babylon. Clearly the ancient world was every bit as inventive as our own!

    “Jones makes history jolly” – The Sunday Telegraph

    1 x 50′

    The full series is also available on DVD: The Ancient World According to Terry Jones

    Originally broadcast on Discovery Channel

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