Exhibition on Screen – New Season

The new Exhibition On Screen season 20-21 begins on 20th October with the long-awaited ‘Frida Kahlo’. The film takes us on a journey through the life of a true icon, discovering her art and uncovering the truth behind her often turbulent life.

This is followed in December by ‘Raphael Revealed’ which tells the story of one of the greatest renaissance artists, and focuses on the 2020 exhibition in Rome, marking the 500th anniversary of his death. More details can be found at exhibitiononscreen.com

Houston Chronicle : Beethoven feature & interview with Phil Grabsky

Sometimes, when fielding audience questions after screenings of “In Search of Beethoven” Phil Grabsky lets it slip that an early cut of his 2009 documentary stretched to 11 1/2 hours long.

“People have come up to me after and said, ‘Where can we get the 11 1/2-hour version?’ ” marvels the award-winning British filmmaker from his home base in Brighton, East Sussex. “I said ‘No, no, that doesn’t exist; it was a moment’.”

Showing this weekend and next at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, “In Search of Beethoven” is a nuanced and insightful cinematic portrait…

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