Filming Vermeer and Music

Filming Vermeer at the National Gallery

Filmed in the summer of 2013, Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure is now available worldwide on DVD! Taking a deep look into Johannes Vermeer’s life, the crew travelled to the Netherlands and the USA to film the biography sections and carryout interviews with specialists. Filming also took place in the UK and here you can see the cameraman filming A Young Woman Standing by a Virginal at the National Gallery, London.


Filming Vermeer - Tim Marlow with Tracy Chevalier

Involved in the documentary Tim Marlow interviewed Tracy Chevalier, the author of the bestselling Girl with a Pearl Earring, a fictional novel exploring the woman behind the celebrated painting of the same name. Released internationally in cinemas on the 10th October, 2013 Vermeer’s work was screened and celebrated worldwide!

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