Van Gogh (The Impressionists) Download


Tim Marlow takes us on a journey through the great art movement of the late nineteenth-century and explores some of the most beautiful paintings ever created.

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In many ways Vincent van Gogh has become the most celebrated, and certainly most mythologised artist in history, as the misunderstood genius who died unknown and unloved and sold only one painting in his  lifetime.


Tim Marlow explores Van Gogh’s tragically short and disturbed life through some his most famous paintings.









a lovely programme” – The Observer

The Producers win my Award for Integrity in Television Arts Programmes because each painting is shown on screen in full before any comment, selective enlarging, or editorialising begins, thus putting the artists’ interests above those of the television producers” – Financial Times

Directed by Phil Grabsky and Ali Ray.

Produced by Phil Grabsky.