The Great Commanders

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The military genius of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Horatio Nelson, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ulysses S. Grant and Georgi Zhukov

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The Great Commanders is an award-winning masterly portrait of six men:

Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar
Horatio Nelson
Napoleon Bonaparte
Ulysses S. Grant
Georgi Zhukov

Their military genius indisputably changed the course of world history.

Providing a refreshing new opportunity to compare soldiers from such disparate backgrounds and periods, each episode focuses on the life and achievements of one of the commanders, revealing their personal background, overall strategy, tactical skill and the vital importance of each man’s special qualities.

Filmed on location, each programme is based around one battle, using computer animation to illustrate the skills, tactics and strategy of each of the commanders. Leading experts reveal the truth behind the achievements of each and examine the scale and nature of their successes.

“the best sort of historical documentary” – The Times

For Alexander it is the triumph at Issus that paves the way for his extraordinary empire; Caesar’s successful siege of Alesia brings the Celts under control; Nelson’s legendary victory at Trafalgar destroys the French and Spanish fleets.

What forces drove them? What lies behind Napoleon’s remarkable success at Austerlitz, just how does Grant defeat his great adversary Robert E. Lee in the wilderness; how does Zhukov finally defeat Hitler and the Nazis in the final conquest of Berlin?

From Alexander to Zhukov, a truly perceptive and revealing series of films.

6 x 45′

Series originally made for Channel 4

COMING SOON: individual episodes downloadable from our website

Phil Grabsky has written an audiobook to accompany this series. For further information, please click here. also available on Kindle.

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