In Search of Beethoven & Mozart box set


This DVD boxed set contains two of the classic ‘In Search of…’ films.

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Directed by internationally celebrated documentary filmmaker Phil Grabsky, each film takes a look at the composer’s life through his musical output. Grabsky travelled around the world to interview historians and musicians and then filmed unrivalled performances by the world’s greatest musicians and orchestras.

In Search of Mozart

This film traces the composer’s life through his music and extensive correspondence.  The music takes centre stage with over 80 works featured, revealing striking parallels between the music and Mozart’s own experiences.  Mozart’s letters reveal an extraordinary personal voice, which rings out on an engaging, human level, full of joy, passion, pain, humour and sensitivity.  With rigorous analysis from experts such as Jonathan Miller, Cliff Eisen, Nicholas Till, and Bayan Northcott, a new, vivid impression of Mozart emerges, dispelling the many common myths about his genius.

“Outstanding… a must see film” – Chicago Sun Times

In Search of Beethoven

This film brings together the world’s leading performers and experts on Beethoven to reveal new insights into this legendary composer.  A remarkable 55 performances were filmed, capturing the raw energy of an extraordinary array of world-class artists.   Fascinating biographical information is united with extracts from the composer’s letters to reveal the true man.  Delving beneath the mythological image of Beethoven as tortured and cantankerous, the film reveals someone very different and far more endearing.

“One of the finest movies about a great musician I’ve ever seen” – The Observer

A bonus DVD for In Search of Beethoven is included containing interviews and complete movements.


“…a myth-busting stride through a prodigiously talented life”
New York Times

“In Search of Mozart is a meditation on brilliance and verve, presenting a fresh take on the man who may have best embodied both those traits.”
New York Sun

“a valuable cinematic history lesson”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Conveys the intensity of the musical experience more grippingly than anything I have seen on film or television”

The Times

“A model of its kind”
The Independent

“Top-drawer…essential viewing”
The Guardian

“This serves as a terrific introduction to Mozart’s life and work, and also contains enough to amuse experts”

Financial Times

“Don’t miss this impressive film”

Time Out New York

“The most comprehensive film about Mozart that I have ever seen”

Sir Roger Norrington, conductor

“Honest, straightforward…the ideal bio-doc”

Toronto Star

“See it on the big screen and enjoy sumptuous images…a breathtaking piece of filming”
The New Zealand Herald

“Beautifully shot…nicely paced…It will fascinate those who know nothing about the composer and intrigue those who know something already”
Opera Now

New York Times

“splendid musical materials”
New York Sun

“heavenly music”
Time Out, NY

“beautifully shot and sublime music”

Variety, USA

“A feast for both the eyes and ears, and captivating for both classical music devotees and the uninitiated”

WBAI Web Radio

“In Search of Mozart has broken the Gene Siskel Film Center’s box office record for the most successful single-week run.”

Chicago Reader

“passionate and inspiring”

St. Anthony’s Messenger, L.A.

“In Search of Mozart is challenging and exemplary”
Los Angeles Times

“I loved every minute of it”


“as complete a history of the music genius as has heretofore been presented… No musician or music lover should fail to see this movie”

Cinema Signals

“outstanding…a must see film”

Chicago Sun Times

“The chance to see and hear many of the greatest musicians of our time…Grabsky lets the music tell the story”

Time Out Chicago

“thorough and insightful…a rounded and compelling view of the high-spirited genius”

Chicago Reader

“No more important, or beautifully filmed documentary about Mozart’s life and music has emerged than Phil Grabsky’s ‘In Search of Mozart’…”
Chicago Tribune

“absorbing…accurate and well reasoned”

The New York Sun

“visually sumptuous, authoritative, and compelling”
American Organist Magazine

“beautiful and informative”
KBPS All Classical

“Intense and useful”

‘In Search of Beethoven is fit for a maestro…As good as Grabsky’s In Search of Mozart which also took the usual cliches about the man and gently tore them apart’
Evening Standard

‘The wonderful thing about In Search of Beethoven… is that it finds a way to show how the music looks; it explains what makes a piece of music extraordinary and then allow us to see it played’
Time Out Chicago

‘Lively, informative and sometimes surprising’
Alison Rowat – The Herald

‘Vivid… **** Stars’
Peter Aspen – Financial Times

‘I can’t imagine anything more of significance about this composer that could
have been added to… that would have made it more effective’
Cinema Signals

‘Phil Grabsky’s beautifully shot film… hardly hit a wrong note’
The Times

‘Aside from being enormously entertaining, I learned a lot from this film (including and understanding and new appreciation of Beethoven’s piano works) and you can’t ask more from a documentary than that’

‘A hit… it was so terrific I wept’
Angie Errigo

‘Superb…The film will give those who already know about Beethoven enormous pleasure, but it would also provide any receptive 12-year-old with an ideal introduction to the man and his music’
Rupert Christiansen – The Telegraph

‘Expertise and passion combined…. high-class’
Neil Genzlinger – New York Times

‘An absorbing portrait’

‘beautifully lensed and intelligently crafted’

‘an extraordinary collection of musicians, conductors and musicologists’
Time Out London

‘splendid ..a revelation to the uninitiated and a joy to music lovers’
The LA Times

‘One of the best films I’ve seen about a musician – it gets close to the mystery that is creativity’
Financial Review (Australia)

In Search of Mozart Trailer

In Search of Beethoven Trailer

In Search of Mozart: 128 minutes

The main feature of both films contains subtitle options for the following languages: Chinese – French – German – Italian – Japanese and Spanish.

In Search of Beethoven: main feature: 139 minutes
DVD Extras: 100 minutes of bonus materials including complete movements, in the edit room, deleted scenes and an interview with director Phil Grabsky.

See individual DVDs of In Search of Mozart and In Search of Beethoven for information regarding the featured performers and performances.