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Award winning independent documentary and film producers

Phil Grabsky is an award-winning documentary film-maker. With a film career spanning 25 years, Phil and his company Seventh Art Productions make films for cinema, TV and DVD.

Audience feedback for ‘EXHIBITION ON SCREEN’

Kevin Laven (via email)
With each production, your films just keep getting better. This time I felt like my head was being literally sucked into the paintings. Really looking forward to Monet in March.

Janet S Miller (via Facebook)
“Phil Grabsky and his company provide an important and wonderful gift with EXHIBITION ON SCREEN.”

Mary Draper (via Facebook)
“There are lots of small American museums that would benefit from the EXHIBITION ON SCREEN approach. Most European visitors are not likely to see those collections unless someone films them. I wish there were unlimited funds available to make these films. They are so well done!”

Tricia Murray (via Facebook)
“As well as visiting art galleries, which we do in every city we visit, this is a great medium to learn about the artist and their life and consequently the influences on their paintings.”